Ames Plantation

From the Ames Plantation website:

The Ames Plantation, located in Fayette and Hardeman Counties of Tennessee, is home to a wealth of 19th century history pertaining to the heritage and material culture of southwestern Tennessee. Recognizing the tremendous cultural resource represented by the Ames land base, for almost 30 years we have worked to preserve the land’s history in a manner which also provides educational opportunities for area residents of all ages.  The program includes the restoration of historic structures and cemeteries, research into the history of the land and its earlier residents, and the implementation of an educational program focusing on local history and preservation.

Investigations have revealed over 225 historic sites including the location of homesteads, slave cabins, churches, schools, and cotton gins.  We have also identified the locations of 26 cemeteries with 19th century origins.  Prehistoric sites are abundant on the Ames land base including a Late Woodland to Early Mississippian ceremonial center.  Select sites, both historic and prehistoric, have been investigated archaeologically through a cooperative program which includes Rhodes College, The University of Memphis, and the Ames Plantation.