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First Baptist Church, Somerville, destroyed by fire 1941

Using the FCHS website

This website is operated by the FCHS for pleasure, research, and preservation. You are welcome to download any of the images in the Galleries for your personal, non-commercial use. Please see Terms of Use below. Just right click and download or click, hold, and drag to your desktop. Each image in the Galleries has three viewable sizes and two downloadable sizes. Enlarge with your cursor by clicking on the image. Usually three clicks will open the largest file.

The Galleries are named for the county’s communities. Galleries can be searched by surname and by terms such as agriculture, business, cemetery, church, event, government, health care, house, military, organization, school, and transportation.



Sharing your photographs with FCHS

We are seeking interesting old photographs of Fayette County and hoping that you will Contact Us to scan your collection.

FCHS will scan your photographs for you and upload them on this website.

Watch for announcements in the Fayette Falcon, our Facebook page, and this website’s Blog about dates, times, and places for scanning.


Contact Us to schedule an appointment to scan your collection.

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Officers: Cynthia Matlock, President
Joy Rosser, Vice-President
Sharon Whitaker, Secretary
Susan Sanders, Treasurer

P O Box 304, Somerville, TN 38068