200 Years of Life in Fayette County, Tennessee

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Welcome to Fayette County Tennessee Historical Society


The Fayette County Historical Society was organized in 1975 to generate interest in local history. Believing that our past defines our future, the Historical Society strives to preserve that which has gone before.

Today, the goal of the society is to assist people seeking connections to their roots by compiling and maintaining an extensive collection of historical and genealogical material at the Somerville-Fayette County Library.

Creation of this website will advance this mission by providing an easily accessible tool to document Fayette County's history through photographs.



Membership in Fayette County Historical Society is open to anyone interested in the history of this county. The annual meeting held in April is the major event of the organization. The program at this gathering includes a talk on a place or personality of local interest and a brief business meeting with the election of board members. A luncheon is served following the meeting. The annual meeting concludes with a tour of a local landmark. There are several other meetings throughout the year with talks or discussions on topics pertaining to Fayette County.

The FCHS stages a quilt show in October at Ames Plantation during the Heritage Festival. Old and new quilts are exhibited as well as vintage coverlets. This is a labor intensive, herculean effort requiring numerous volunteers.

Dues in the FCHS are $10.00 payable at the annual meeting. Dues and monetary gifts to the society are used to assist the Somerville-Fayette County Library in purchasing books, microfilm, equipment, or shelving for the History and Genealogy Room. The expense of printing and binding materials compiled by local historians or genealogists to make them shelf-ready for researchers is covered by the society. Approximately half of the genealogical material in the library has been transcribed, compiled, or written by dedicated members of FCHS. Materials used to construct the frames for displaying the quilts exhibited by FCHS at the Ames Plantation Heritage Festival were paid for with money from dues. The labor of constructing these frames was provided free by dedicated board members and Ames Plantation staff. Creation of this website was also made possible by dues.

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Officers: Cynthia Matlock, President
Joy Rosser, Vice-President
Sharon Whitaker, Secretary
Susan Sanders, Treasurer

P O Box 304, Somerville, TN 38068